The Pillars of Health

Good health is the foundation for a good life.

This is as true now as it always has been. Life simply isn’t very fun without it.

Although, as a society, we are advancing technologically, we are devolving physically.

Chronic Sickness, Disease and Obesity are becoming more and more prevalent in modern civilisation, in relation to the abundance of fake foods, sedentary lifestyles, polluted environments and stressful jobs.

Mankind is moving further and further away from nature and into a virtual reality or utopia.

We are forgetting our true nature and we are losing past traditions. In a sense, we are forgetting the basic principles for good health, a sound body and a clear, calm mind.

You may be experiencing suffering in one way or another right now. Maybe you are confused as to why you do not feel too good. Maybe you are relying on pills from the doctor (that don’t seem to work too much). Maybe you rely on entertainment, drugs or other form of escapism in order to distract yourself and numb your pains.

Well, my friend. Although the world around us has changed dramatically over the last decades and centuries, the fundamental principles of the human being are still the same as they always have been.

Your body always strives for homeostasis (balance of internal physical and chemical condition).

This means that your body always strives for perfect health and optimal function.

However, there may be certain factors getting in the way of this important process.

Our environment has a major impact on our physiology and state of wellbeing. Pollution, Toxic Chemicals, EMF Radiation, Malnutrition, Processed Foods, Alcohol and Medications can all reap havoc on our bodily systems and mental state.

Whether you live in a city or out in the country, it is important to follow the principles of health and keep your body running as optimally as possible.

Other than the environment you live in, areas that must be addressed are: Nutrition, Hydration, Breathing, Sleep, Exercise and Stress.

Health is not just diet or just sleep or just exercise. All these things are puzzle pieces and must be put together in order to form a proper functioning body.

Remember the law of cause and effect. What you do today determines how you feel tomorrow. Abuse you body today and you will be sick tomorrow. Nourish and Train your body today and tomorrow you will be stronger and more vibrant than before.


Fresh Air

We cannot survive without oxygen (air) for longer than a few minutes. It is absolutely fundamental to human life and survival. Breathing is the most natural and subconscious activity that we all partake in every second we are alive.

Without oxygen we will die. Therefore breathing is the most important thing that we do.

However, certain environmental and habitual factors may lead to shallow breathing and the breathing of toxic chemicals.

For example, many of us habitually breathe through the mouth. This is not ideal, as the nose is designed as a filter and provides us with cleaner air. If you do breathe through the mouth, it would be wise to become conscious of this and train yourself to breather through your nose in the proper manner.

Breathing deep into the diaphragm will lead to greater mental clarity and a calmer state of mind.

It is also wise to spend as much time as you can in nature and fill up your lungs with fresh air from the trees.

Indoor air becomes very stale and spending too much time indoors can leads to brain fog and tiredness. Therefore it is a good idea to keep the windows open as much as possible, vacuum dust regularly and maybe invest in an air filtration system for your home/office.


  • Breathe through your NOSE (Nasal Breathing)
  • Breathe deeply into your DIAPHRAGM
  • Breathe FRESH AIR from a natural environment (trees)
  • Keep WINDOWS OPEN in your home and office
  • VACUUM and DUST your living spaces regularly
  • Invest in an AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM for your home/office

Pure Water

The second necessary substance that we need is Water (H2O). Without fluids, we will die within about a week. Therefore proper hydration is fundamental to survival let alone good health.

It is important, however, to ensure that the water consumed is not contaminated with toxic chemicals, unlike most tap water throughout the world.

Water can also be absorbed through our food. You would not have to consume any actual water for example, if you drink a good amount of raw milk or raw eggs due to these foods being very hydrating.

Water is an inorganictransparenttastelessodorless, and nearly colorlesschemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth‘s hydrosphere, and the fluids of most living organisms. It is vital for all known forms of life, even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. Its chemical formula is H2O, meaning that each of its molecules contains one oxygen and two hydrogenatoms, connected by covalent bonds. Water is the name of the liquid state of H2O at standard ambient temperature and pressure.

The best type of water to drink is either natural spring water or well water. It is also best to store water in glass. This is because plastic leaches many chemicals into the water (for example BPA is a chemical that mimics oestrogen in the human body).

It is also worth investing in a home water filtration system or countertop water filters.

Shower filters are also worth installing, due to chemicals such as chlorine and fluorine absorbing through the skin.

Water is the universal solvent and it is important not to drink too much as:

“Drinking too much water can result in water intoxication, also known as hyponatremia, causing the inside of cells to flood due to abnormally low sodium levels in your bloodstream.”

As a rule of thumb- simply drink when you are thirsty. Your body knows best and will guide you (if you tune in).


  • Drink only Natural Spring or Well Water from a trusted source
  • Use Filtered Water in your home (for cooking) I recommend Berkey Countertop Filters
  • Use Filters on Showers/Bath in order to minimise absorption of chemicals through the skin.
  • Consume Hydrating foods such as: Raw Milk, Raw Eggs, Raw Meats, Raw Butter, Oysters, Fresh Fruits
  • Avoid drinking too much water. Drink only when thirsty.

Proper Nutrition

Food is your bodies fuel source. It is how you obtain calories in which give your body energy.

Eating the incorrect foods is likely the number one cause of modern diseases and health conditions. Foods such as refined flour, vegetable oils, sugar and anything man made are foreign to the human body. Consumption of these foods lead to malnutrition, diabetes, heart disease and many other ailments.

When determining what foods are good for our body, we must look to Mother Nature. We must observe what the most primitive and healthiest people eat. We must also experiment and experience how different foods effect our body.

There is no doubt that humans are predators. We are at the top of the food chain and we eat the animals below us- specifically grazing ruminant animals.

Anatomically, our digestive system is designed perfectly to digest animal meat and fat. We are biologically carnivorous animals and most of our diet should come from animal sources, with plant foods being a supplement to the diet, but not the main source of nutrients.

Meat is nutritionally complete. We can thrive on meat and fat alone. But, we cannot thrive on plants alone.

Therefore, to experience proper health you must eat the foods that you were designed to eat, the foods that your ancestors ate.

Saturated Fat and Cholesterol, in particular, are the holy grail of health.

Raw Meat and Raw Milk are excellent foods and should not be feared. In fact, cooking lowers the nutrient content, especially vitamin C. Many people also find raw meat easier to digest than cooked meat.

Animal Fats are the natural fats for humans. Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oil Fats are not natural to humans. Those oils are a recent addition to our diet and can only be produced through industrial means.

Carbohydrates are a non essential dietary requirement, however fat and protein are a vital part of the human diet.

Plant foods contain anti nutrients that bind with important minerals and nutrients. These chemicals are the plants natural defence mechanism against being eaten. Traditional cultures would soak, sprout or ferment vegetables and grains in order to destroy anti-nutrients and increase the availability of energy and nutrition.

The bulk of your diet should come from good quality Animal Foods:

  • Grass Fed Meat, Both lean and fat (Beef, Lamb, Goat)
  • Organ Meats (Liver, Kidney, Heart, Brain)
  • Wild Caught Fatty Fish
  • Shellfish (Oysters, Lobster, Crab)
  • Fish Eggs (Caviar)
  • Eggs
  • Raw Dairy (Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese, Cream, Butter)
  • Cooking Fats (Tallow, Lard, Goose Fat, Duck Fat, Ghee)

Plant Foods are optional and should be prepared in the traditional manner

  • Fermented/Soaked Grains (Sourdough Bread, Soaked Oatmeal)
  • Fermented Vegetables (Sauerkraut, Kimchi)
  • Roots/Tubers (Local, In Season)
  • Fresh Fruits (Local, In Season)

Avoid all Refined and Man Made Foods

  • White Flour Products
  • Vegetable Oils (Canola, Sunflower, Soybean, Cottonseed)
  • Refined Sugar
  • Cereals
  • Canned Foods
  • Boxed Foods with multiple ingredients
  • Preservative and Additives

Deep Sleep

Sleep is the time when the body is allowed to rest and rebuild itself. It is like recharging a battery. No matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, without enough sleep you will lack energy and strength.

During sleep, we should enter a state called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). This is the deep stage of sleep (dreaming), where most of the growth and repair takes place. Factors such as alcohol intake, drug usage and too much blue light can limit our ability to enter this REM stage of sleep.

This is why you may sleep a lot, but still feel tired in the morning and throughout the day. It is not just quantity of sleep, but quality of sleep.

Tips to improve sleep quality

  • Avoid drinking Caffeinated Beverages
  • Avoid drinking Alcoholic Beverages or taking Drugs
  • Go to bed as the sun goes down and wake up as the sun comes up
  • Limit screen usage in the evening time. Turn off computers/phones 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Use a night mode filter on screens in the evenings.
  • Sleep in a cool, dark room, with the window open.
  • Avoid stress and intense exercise in the evenings
  • Be physically active during the day so you are tired at night
  • Eat the proper foods, drink pure water and breathe properly
  • Read a book before bed


“Life is Movement”

Eugen Sandow

Without motion there is no life, no energy. Movement creates momentum which builds energy.

The human body is designed to move. We are not meant to be sedentary all day long every day. We are meant to go through cycles of activity followed by rest. Not rest all the time.

When you do not move, you build up inner tensions that can only be released by moving. Walking, for example is the perfect exercise for humans. It relieves stress, improves mental clarity and increases blood flow throughout your whole body.

Use it or Lose it. If you do not use your body, you will weaken. A weak body is not a healthy body.

Strength is a fundamental aspect of good health. In fact, it has been shown that people with a stronger grip live longer.

Resistance Training is the best way to build your strength and muscle mass. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can benefit from increased strength and muscle.

Proper training followed by proper recovery via nutrition and sleep is the method to building up your body and your reserves.

Endless running and cardio training breaks down the body and is counterproductive unless that is your chosen sport.

Weight training on the other hand not only increases your muscle size, but also increases bone density, joint strength and strengthens connective tissues. Becoming stronger automatically improves your endurance for lighter activities.

A strong body is a strong mind. A weak body is easily broken and a tight body is easily snapped. So build strength, but always stretch to keep yourself supple.


  • Follow a well formulated strength training program
  • Take part in sports or martial arts or boxing
  • Be active throughout the day (walking, gardening etc.)
  • Walk as often as possible. A 10-15 minute walk is a great refresher for the body and mind.
  • Avoid too much cardio.
  • Supply the body with good nutrition for recovery
  • Get lots of sleep to maximise recovery from training
  • Eat more foods to gain weight and less foods to lose weight (depending on goals). Increase carbs if you wish to ‘bulk up’ and lower carbs to stay lean.


Follow the above principles and you should maintain good health and a sound body throughout your life. Break the laws of nature, and you will pay the price.

It is also worth noting the vital importance of Sunshine for Vitamin D and walking barefoot on the Earth for electromagnetic grounding.

As well as this, it is important to spend your time doing things that you enjoy as well as avoiding too much mental stress as that can lead to poor lifestyle habits therefore leading to poor health.

Spending time with others- family and friends, is important. Humans are social beings and should not spend too much time alone, unless you desire it.

Above all, enjoy life. Pursue whatever it is you want and live with abundant health, strength, energy and clarity.

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